BioSafety Level 2 Laboratory

The BSL-2 laboratory for handling pathogens

The Biological Safety Level 2 laboratory is dedicated for the handling of class II pathogens.
Class II pathogens are agents associated with human diseases posing a moderate health hazard.

The BSL2 laboratory is fully equipped with:

  • 3 Class II biosafety cabinets
  • Infors shaker
  • heat chambers
  • refrigerated centrifuge with anti-aerosols lids
  • tube OD reader
  • plate reader for OD and fluorescence (Polar Star Omega)
BSL2 laboratory equipment

Waste elimination procedure includes inactivation by autoclave and further removal by a DASRI habilitated service.

Acess to the BSL laboratory is strictly controlled and submitted to:

  • the respect of procedures described in the internal rules leaflet
  • wearing personal protective equipment (lab coat and gloves)

Contact: Ambre JOUSSELIN – Email – 05 61 33 59 82