The prevention assistant (AP) for health and safety

Anne-Lise Soulet, Prevention Assistant LMGM

Anne-Lise Soulet

Anne-Lise Soulet, Prevention Assistant (AP) LMGM

Office 303
Phone: 05 61 33 59 66

Bertrand Griffe

Bertrand Griffe, prevention assistant (AP) CBI

Office BA.01
Phone: 05 61 33 58 43

The role and missions of the Prevention Assistant

The prevention assistants (AP) assist(s) and advise(s) the LMGM management in the field of prevention, health and safety:

  • the AP assists and advises the Unit Director.
  • the AP works closely with the regional prevention and safety engineer (IRPS) and the prevention doctor.
  • the AP provides advice and assistance in the implementation of safety and prevention measures.
  • the AP makes agents aware of compliance with safety instructions and rules and participates in their training.
  • the AP informs new arrivals of the provisions of the internal regulations, of the specific risks encountered in the unit and of good practices to prevent them and participates in their training.
  • the AP ensures that the unit’s occupational health and safety register is properly kept.
  • the AP draws lessons from accidents and incidents that have occurred in the unit.
  • the AP sees to the implementation of first aid in the event of an accident, and of a first intervention team specialized in the event of specific risks.

See instruction No.122942DAJ of December 1, 2012 on occupational health and safety at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique.

The actions in the field of prevention, health and safety are coordinated at the CBI level, see CBI Core > Documents_Prevention. In this directory are the names, contact information and location within the premises of the fire safety team members, the first aiders and the persons competent in a risk management field (radiation protection, L2, waste, laser, liquid nitrogen and gas, autoclaves and electrical risks).