The LMGM equality correspondents and their missions

The LMGM equality correspondents, in agreement with the director of the unit:

equality pink blue halves
  • Disseminate information about the existence of the mission for the place of women and its actions, as well as the existence of an action plan and the role of the equality correspondent at the regional level,
  • Propose awareness-raising actions (e.g. playful) and facilitate the organization of special meetings for the exchange of good practices,
  • Put the subject back on the agenda for each laboratory council,
  • Remind that the subject concerns both women and men and underline the correlation between sexism/violence (harassment) and professional inequalities,
  • Play an advisory role to promote stereotype-free communication, in particular by highlighting awkwardness and referring to guides on non-sexist communication,
  • Contribute to improving the equal visibility of women and men within the unit,
  • Encourage reflection on communication tools within the unit (setting up an ideas/complaints box or other means) to enable staff to identify dysfunctions and/or propose changes.

The equality correspondents in the laboratory support and implement the regional action plan for professional equality between women and men, in particular by disseminating information and good practices.

Your equality correspondents at LMGM: Patricia BORDES, office 016, phone: 05 61 33 59 41, Email ; Iris VEYRIER, office 318, phone 05 61 33 59 93, Email and Manuel CAMPOS, office 327, phone: 05 61 33 59 16, Email.