Masters and PhD programs

Since its creation and as a Joint Research Unit between the CNRS and the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (UT3), the LMGM participates in the teaching activities of the UT3 by hosting many teaching staff (12 permanents and several contractuals). The teaching provided covers various disciplines, in the fields of Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. They are distributed in various Teaching Units (UE) from the Bachelor level (L1, L2 and L3) to the Master level (M1 and M2). These UEs are included in the three courses of the Bachelor of Life Sciences (BBE, Biodiversity and Environmental Biology; BCP, Cell Biology and Physiology and 2B2M, Biochemistry-Molecular Biology- and Microbiology), two of the courses of the Master of Biotechnology (Microbiology, MICROBIO and SFB, Structural and Functional Biochemistry, the latter is in English) and the two courses of the Master of Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics & Systems Biology and Bioinformatics and Environmental Genomics) of UT3.

Moreover, several members of the LMGM participate in the scientific, pedagogical and school councils of the doctoral school BSB (Bio-Santé Biotechnologies) of Toulouse, thus involving themselves in the training and the follow-up of the doctoral students.

schema enseignements du LMGM

Masters and internships

The Master Microbiology (Microbio) provides research oriented training, allowing a detailed understanding of the biology and functioning mechanisms of microorganisms and their interactions with their environment (in French).

The Master 2 Structural and Functional Biochemistry is an international training program aiming at graduate students with strong knowledge of molecular mechanisms in biology applied to pharmacology, structural biology, cellular biophysics or biotechnology (in English).

The Master’s degree in Bio-informatics and Systems biology trains students with the multidisciplinary skills in biology, computer science and mathematics necessary to work in the field of bioinformatics and the emerging field of systems biology (in French).

Centre de Biologie Intégrative Toulouse

The CBI Toulouse offers Internships for Bachelor and Master levels. See also: PhD offers at the CBI and the CBI PhD program.

the doctoral school biology, health, biotechnologies (BSB) from the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier.

The LMGM teams belong to the doctoral school biology, health, biotechnologies (BSB) from the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier.