DolP between the “Yin and Yang” of the stress response in enterobacteria

18 May 2021 par Patricia Siguier
INSB actuality

In order to cope with the aggressions they encounter in their environment, enterobacteria develop adaptive responses that allow them to maintain their impermeable and functional protective envelope. In this article published in the journal eLife,  Raffaele Ieva team from LMGM-CBI show that, in Escherichia coli, the DolP protein, via a finely coordinated response mechanism, allows cells to compensate for a deleterious effect of the stress response that could compromise the integrity of the envelope.

By providing new insights into the mechanisms of envelope biogenesis and maintenance in Gram-negative bacteria, this work could identify new targets of interest for the development of innovative antibiotics.

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Lipoprotein DolP supports proper folding of BamA in the bacterial outer membrane promoting fitness upon envelope stress
Ranava D, Yang Y, Orenday-Tapia L, Rousset F, Turlan C, Morales V, Cui L, Moulin C, Froment C, Munoz G, Rech J, Marcoux J, Caumont-Sarcos A, Albenne C, Bikard D, Ieva R.
Elife. 2021 Apr 13. doi: 10.7554/eLife.67817

Contact: Raffaele Ieva